Peak Recovery’s Day or Night with Community Housing gives individualized care and focus early in the recovery process. As part of this program, clients get treatment Monday through Friday. Over the course of the week, clients meet for six to seven hours per day. Clients will receive a variety of therapeutic services ranging from behavioral therapy to relapse prevention. Our goal at Peak Recovery is to give our clients the tools necessary to navigate the road to recovery and transition them into their daily lives.


In addition to therapeutic services, clients in this level of care will reside in a residence under the watch of Peak Recovery professionals. Clients will be held to a high standard when living at the residence; they will be expected to take the tools learned in therapy and apply them to their daily life.


Day/Night Treatment with Community Housing, our premier program, will help a client regain his or her health while steadily progressing to  desired treatment goals. The program involves  specialized experts who not only facilitate the varying treatment modalities  but also monitor daily activities and progress.  We believe strongly that the disease of addiction should be treated in a supportive environment, conducive to  healing and recovery. Our staff consists of men and women who have not only the highest credentials and up to date training, but most  have also walked the walk and now lead a clean and sober lifestyle.