Struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction can leave you and your loved ones helpless and hopeless. If you’re like most addicts, you’ve tried time and time again to get your drug using or alcohol under control, but you’ve seen how impossible it can seem. This can leave you feeling like you’ve been doomed to a fate that you can’t escape, but you must know now…that there is hope. Part of progressing through the treatment process includes participation in an intensive outpatient program which will assist you in learning how to overcome your addiction problem and go on to lead an incredible life – no matter how low you’ve gone.

Peak Recovery is located in South Florida, a gentle and sunny location that is a perfect starting point for you to begin addiction treatment. It seems difficult enough to make the courageous step of beginning addiction treatment, but relocating to another state is highly recommended by addiction experts. Many addicts continue their cycle of drinking or using based off a variety of different environmental factors back home, which is why treatment in your hometown may not be successful. At Peak, you’ll have the opportunity to be surrounded by a tranquil setting in a great recovery community while you’re able to fully focus on your sobriety and recovery.

Treatment That Works

We  won’t tell you that we have the cure for addiction, but we do use methods that have been proven to have the highest success rates. You’ll go through evidence-based treatment in an individual and group setting, and these methods have shown that they greatly help retrain an addict’s mind to replace old behaviors. We’ve dealt with many clients who have gone on to experience the joys of years of sobriety once they leave, and you can too, but it’s up to you to continue using the recovery tools you’ve learned in treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program  Intensive Outpatient Program  Outpatient Program

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, the second step involves picking up the phone and calling a reputable addiction treatment center like Peak Recovery Services. Call us today at 561-877-8753 if you’d like more information about overcoming your addiction.