Schema-Focused Therapy is an approach to addiction treatment that combines psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, environmental factors, family dynamics, and interpersonal therapies to help identify maladaptive [negative] patterns that contribute to an individual’s substance abuse. Schema-Focused Therapy also identifies other patterns that inhibit the ability of growth in various areas of life. This therapeutic approach posits that schemas are negative thought and behavior patterns that develop early in childhood and continue to keep individuals stuck in what is called a “Life Trap”. These Life Traps become extremely stable, which makes them difficult to identify which tends to hinder growth and progress if left unaddressed. We encourage our clients to explore early childhood in an effort to identify these Life Traps. Doing so, clients can begin to identify the negative behaviors that contributed to their substance abuse, in order to increase aware and to start to change.

We, at Peak Recovery pride ourselves in being one of the few facilities that employs this unique approach to substance abuse treatment. Our Primary Therapist, Adam Siegel, CAC places a primary focus on and specializes in analyzing our client’s schemas and maladaptive patterns in an effort to break this cycle and learn how to develop more healthy coping skills.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, the second step involves picking up the phone and calling a reputable addiction treatment center like Peak Recovery Services. Call us today at 561-877-8753 if you’d like more information about overcoming your addiction.